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Happy Birthday Young People at Heart!


Our Essex and Hereford offices recently celebrated their 4th and 2nd birthdays so we held a joint Birthday Party today!

Our foster carers, young people and staff teams travelled on coaches to Scout Adventures in Youlbury, Oxfordshire. Once there, we enjoyed a day of different activities.

In the morning we built a campfire and toasted marshmallows and played ball games. We also blew giant bubbles and completed a nature quiz. After that we enjoyed a BBQ lunch. In the afternoon we played Woggleopoloy, a team game suitable for all ages involving nature challenges in the woods.

The day closed with our Founders, Gary and Davina, thanking everyone for making the event a huge success. As everyone gathered round to enjoy the birthday cake, the young people burst into a spontaneous rendition of Happy Birthday!

Davina said afterwards that it was lovely to see the foster families and children from both offices meeting up and getting to know each other. She said the day really encompassed Young People at Heart’s family ethos.

Happy Birthday Young People at Heart!

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