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Who Inspires Me – My Foster Carer

Here at Young People at Heart, it doesn’t matter if you are a single carer or a couple, the role of any foster carer is just as important, to provide a stable and loving home for a young person. This week, we wanted to share a lovely story, of how the relationship between one of …


Our newly approved Registered Manager of the Essex Registration, Mhairi!

We would like to share some exciting news and welcome our newly approved Registered Manager of the Essex Registration, Mhairi! After joining Young People at Heart in 2022 as the Quality Assurance and Practice Development Manager, she has now stepped into the Registered Manager role. We would like to say a big congratulations to Mhairi …


Being there for these siblings through their ups and downs has been a privilege

Have you considered the possibility of fostering a sibling group? It can be a journey marked by both trials and triumphs. While it’s true that fostering siblings comes with its share of complexities, managing different personalities, addressing past traumas, and balancing individual needs, it’s also a profoundly rewarding experience. Witnessing the resilience and bond between …


Since transferring to Young People at Heart, our fostering journey has been transformed

Transferring from the local authority, we had heard many horror stories about leaving a local authority and going to a private fostering agency. However, we were desperate for a fresh start with an agency where we would feel supported and cared about after experiencing some challenging times with the local authority. The reason we chose …


From Social Work Assistant to fully qualified Social Worker!

In March 2019 I started working here at Young People at Heart as a Social Work Assistant. Before this role, I had worked in many different jobs and been unhappy in most of them. I really didn’t know what I wanted to do or where I fit in. I had always been interested in the …


Nimbus the Worry Monster

As we work closely with the National Literacy Trust in Doncaster who generously provide books and magazines for our young people and foster carers to promote a love for reading, we were inspired here at Young People at Heart to give story writing a go. During National Storytelling Week some of our staff members got …


National Storytelling Week – Being a Teenager

To celebrate National Storytelling Week this week one of our staff members has written a poem, capturing what it is like being a teenager in care. I may be a teenager But I’m a child within I have things to tell you  But don’t know where to begin So I shout and swear Sometimes I …


Into the Curling Finals!

I’m in year 4 and I was one of 4 children to be asked into my schools curling team. We practice in the sports hall before lunchtime. I enjoy playing with my friends even though it can be cold! My carer came to watch me practice and I even let her have a turn. Recently …


Developing Foster Carer Skills

Foster carers are the foundation of our organisation and upskilling them with topics which are current and relevant is paramount to providing a good care experience for children and young people. We have worked closely with foster carers, seeking their advice and views on learning and topics of interest which in turn has shaped our …

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