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‘Drop and Shop’ activity benefits our foster carers and young people


On Friday 28 December our Essex office held another of our popular ‘drop and shop’ events where we arrange an activity day for our young people, while our foster carers have some time to themselves.

We held this one at a scout hut next to a park and it was attended by 12 young people. Our 2 Alisons, Doug and Gary joined the young people in activities including craft, charades, board games and a sing along to the songs from the Greatest Showman. Outdoors we played ball games and enjoyed the swings and climbing frames.

As always, the young people made their own lunch as part of their life skills development. This time sandwiches from a selection of cold meat, cheese and jam, together with a selection of fruit and choice of drinks. Hot chocolate is always a favourite and one young person chose to make their sandwich out of crusts (entirely their choice – just for the record!)

We receive excellent feedback from our foster carers who enjoy the short break, and from young people who enjoy the opportunity to meet and socialise with other young people in care.

The ‘Drop and Shop’ activities are run in addition to our family activity days and we plan to hold more ‘Drop and Shop’ events during 2019, at weekends during school term and weekdays in school holidays.

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