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Disability Pride Month


Disability Pride month takes place each July and is an opportunity to start conversations to raise awareness of all disabilities and celebrate everything that people with disabilities bring to society. The month is a chance to focus on and celebrate the disabled community and their pride.

Two of our young people who should certainly feel proud of what they have achieved are Daisy and Seb, along with their foster carer. Daisy and Seb both have complex, special needs which means they need around the clock care, especially Seb whose conditions are more profound.

Daisy and Seb have lived with our single foster carer for almost 4 years. During their time with our foster carer, they have substantially progressed physically, emotionally, and academically. Our foster carer has ensured they attend every medical appointment necessary, to help with their complex conditions. She has also made sure that Seb completes his much-needed physiotherapy at home. At times, it has been gruelling and not all plain sailing however, Seb has made significant improvements in his mobility following successful surgery on his legs, to the point where he doesn’t necessarily need a wheelchair every day. Through his and his carer’s sheer determination and hard work, Seb can walk short distances. Our foster carer has also made a lot of adaptions, to her home to ensure life is more manageable for her and Seb including a downstairs wet room and a ramp at the back of the home.

Daisy and Seb both attend a special needs school. They absolutely love learning and enjoy going to school each day. Both children are flourishing with their letters and sounds, and Seb can also sign to songs. The school provides so many enrichment opportunities, for both Daisy and Seb and they get involved in everything from sports days to swimming and horse riding. They both also attend Cubs and are both thriving and growing in confidence, learning valuable life skills by attending. Our foster carer enrols both children in as many activities as possible both at school and after school, to make sure they are having the best experiences she can give them and achieving their full potential.

As an agency, Young People at Heart also arrange an activity event every half term holiday, for the children and carers to attend. These events, not only give the children the opportunity to see their friends every few weeks and participate in new experiences and activities but also, the chance for our foster carers, to touch base with each other and have the opportunity to chat, and swap advice and stories. Daisy and Seb’s foster carer, makes sure they both attend most of our events, as she wants the children to not only learn new experiences but also to feel included. It is remarkable seeing the progress these young people have made and continually go on to achieve.

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