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Young People at Heart February Walking Challenge


We are sure everyone is feeling a bit fed up with being in lockdown and another month of working from home, home-schooling and not being able to see friends and family is a daunting prospect. However, one thing we must all be doing to keep our physical and mental health in check is EXERCISE!

To help promote an active lifestyle during these difficult times we launched our YOUNG PEOPLE AT HEART FEBRUARY WALKING CHALLENGE 

We hoped that with everyone’s efforts added together we will have walked the distance between all three of the Young People at Heart offices over the month of February. Going in a loop from the Essex office to the Herefordshire office (170 miles), from Hereford to the Yorkshire office (155 miles), and back to the Essex office (205 miles) gives a grand total of 530 MILES! 

Thanks to the incredible efforts on 23 Foster Carers, 14 young people and 16 Staff members we have walked a massive 1,962.11 miles during the February walking challenge, smashing our goal of walking between the offices nearly 4 times. We could have even walked from the UK to Algeria with this distance! Whilst the February Walking Challenge has come to an end, we continue to promote an active and healthy lifestyle to keep our physical and mental health in check. 

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