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Welcome to Sue Wise, our new Placements Officer


We are delighted that Sue Wise has chosen to join Young People at Heart as our Placements Officer and Sue is already hard at work finding matches for our available foster carers.

Gary Cox, Founder and Chief Executive of Young People at Heart, said that matching was the most important factor in making placements and Sue’s years of experience as a Placements Officer, coupled with her early career as a Legal Secretary, made her the ideal person to liaise with our Local Authority customers because of her attention to detail and ability to ask the right questions.

Gary added that while many agencies were centralising their placements function, he believed strongly that matching was best achieved by the Placements Officer understanding and knowing the foster family. Sue would therefore be visiting new foster families so she could get to know them and would stay in regular contact with foster carers while a suitable match was found, thereby giving a young person in care the best chance of being placed with the right family.

He concluded by saying that Sue was a great addition to the Young People at Heart family and he wished her well as she rekindled old friendships with Local Authority placement teams.

Sue can be contacted on or our dedicated placements email address, placements@youngpeopleatheart.org or our daytime Placement enquiry line 07518 173085. We also have an out-of-hours placement line 07518 173084.






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