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5 Years Down, Forever to Go…


The 10th of August marks a special day for Young People at Heart. That’s because on 10th August 2015, our first three carers transferred, with their young people, so that’s the day our incredible journey began.

This year is even more poignant because it’s now five years since Young People at Heart was established. To celebrate and mark the occasion, Gary and Davina Cox, founders of Young People at Heart, delivered a small gift as a token of their appreciation to the three carers who started it all; as this day also marks their 5th anniversary as part of the organisation.

Gary and Davina founded Young People at Heart as a not-for-profit organisation as they wanted to create an independent fostering environment where outcomes for young people were paramount for the organisation and everyone associated with it. And, after five years, they have achieved this goal and some!

Now operating from three locations (East Tilbury, Hereford, and Doncaster) and caring for more than 82 young people with the help of 50 foster carers, their dream of delivering an organisation, overseen by the Cox family, to provide a safe, secure and stable environment for young people in care, foster carers and staff, is very much a reality.

Gary and Davina would like to thank everyone who has helped reach this milestone and deliver so many great memories along the way… “Young People at Heart has certainly gone from strength to strength over the last five years and we are proud of the achievements of our teams and our young people. We are especially proud that the three carers who started it all for us are still with us today,” said Gary.

At Young People at Heart, we are all now looking forward to the next five years. We have some great plans and central to our philosophy will always be our two key values:

  • Young people are at the heart of everything we do; and
  • Quality is the cornerstone of our organisation

No doubting then that at Young People at Heart our name is our ethos!

Davina and Gary Cox

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